Book Review – The Measurements Of Decay by K. K. Edin

Here’s a thing…a philosophical powerhouse of a thing. A book so dense with ideas it baffles me that it could live inside someone’s head.

I was unsure at first, I’m not ashamed to admit. I found it difficult to read and then about twenty pages in I found myself completely and utterly sucked in. I couldn’t put it down. I read it every spare minute I had. I carried it in my work bag and snatched a few pages here and there anytime I could. I read it in bed and struggled to sleep afterwards. It made my brain spark to life and consider something different everytime I picked it up.

Essentially this is three stories that slowly mesh together into an extremely satisfying finale. The key players are extremely flawed, especially the unnamed narrator who slowly turns from spurned lover to absolute maniac in just a few chapters.

The idea of humanity in the future spending their time withdrawn into hallucinations is both terrifying and plausible.

There’s a part near the end of the book when the final piece of the puzzle falls into place. It’s done in a single line at the end of a chapter and it really took my breath away.

This is a fabulous hard sci-fi study of what it means to be human. What more could you want?

Check it out now on Amazon.

The Measurements of Decay

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