Book Review – Room 119 (The Whitby Trader) by T. F. Lince

I received a message a few weeks back from T. F. Lince telling me he’d only ever read 11 books and got an E in English and asking if I’d be interested in reading Room 119 (The Whitby Trader).

If anything I was probably more intrigued to read the book knowing this about the author. It couldn’t be that good could it?

Wrong. First things first, it’s absolutely brilliant. One of the best I’ve read this year, in fact. And I’ve read a lot of books so far.

The main character Dean Harrison is a successful trader on the London stock exchange with a massive house and a beautiful wife. But his life is turned upside down when he is stitched up by a young rival at work and he misses his daughters birthday party.

This is where things get interesting. Dean checks into Room 119 of the Welnetham Hall Hotel on the advice of an old couple he’s never met before and told it will help to get his life back in order. All is not as it’s seems and soon there are creepy clowns, time travel (kind of) and a game of chess against death himself.

This is a deep, interesting tale full of twists and turns that made me question my own relationships with family and friends and actually teaches you to not take these things for granted. A particularly poignant chapter involving Deans parents was a real highlight.

About half way through the book I still had no idea which way the story was going to go. It kept me guessing until the last page with some shocking twists along the way.

This is a fascinating tale of one man’s attempt to redeem himself of his past mistakes. This is not the work of an amateur, this is the work of a master storyteller. Truly inspirational. Highly recommended.

Check it out now on Amazon.


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