Book Review – Heliopause by J. Dianne Dotson

If you like your sci-fi with a bit of intrigue and mystery then this cleverly written story is the book for you.

A space station at the end of known space is about to encounter the unknown. You’d be forgiven for thinking this type of setting is a gimmick, it’s not. It’s not only realistically brought to life by Dotson but it’s integral to the narrative. The design of the station is rather lovely due to being quite organic. Just look at that cover!

The pacing is perfect and everything glides by at a zip. The main players are introduced early on and the juxtaposition of friendship and the loneliness of the setting is very cleverly done.

The way the characters interact is believable and just when you think you know what someone’s intentions are there’s another twist. Not everyone is exactly who they seem!

The ending hints at something more and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the sequel. Great stuff and highly recommended.

Check it out now at Amazon.

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